Money Saving Tips – Souvenirs and Gifts

  • Purchase an autograph book BEFORE leaving for the parks. They are much less expensive at home than in Disney!
  • Secretly purchase and pack a few special souvenirs from a store at home and them out after your kids go to bed or right before you head out to the parks for the day. They will come back to some awesome gifts and it will save you a ton of dough.
  • If you must purchase souvenirs at WDW, tell your kids that it’s something for either Downtown Disney or the last day of your trip. They can “window shop” and find what they really want throughout the trip and only buy something at the end (it will help save you from saying no the entire trip as well!)
  • Your princess will likely see many other princesses walking around after Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. To save an arm and a leg, check out your local Disney store or the clearance racks after Halloween to snag a dress for them to wear to a character meal or on your Magic Kingdom day. Remember to bring a change of clothes if they get uncomfortable or hot!
  • Bring a poncho from home. Disney’s will cost you $8 at last check. You can get a much cheaper (and durable) option from stores like Walmart or Walgreens for less than half the price. Even if it’s sunny at the start of your day, PACK them! You’ll still enjoy your time in the rain with something to keep you somewhat dry.

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