Money Saving Tips – Packages

  • Book your trip when there is a current deal/offer. Make sure you check out the “special offers” page of the Disney World website. These offers include room only discounts (which you can add park tickets and dining to if you so choose), free dining offers, and discounted ticket and dining offers. Deals for the season typically release 4-6 months before travel dates, so check early and check often!
  • Do the math! See if dining deals are a better offer than room only deals. For details, see my “Getting the Most out of the Disney Dining Plan post here.
  • Call Disney to see if you have any active PIN codes. Also aim low and then ask if there are any upgrade offers available (this means if you want to stay in a deluxe resort, ask about booking a moderate resort and then ask about special invitations available). Often times the answer is no, but it can’t hurt to ask
  • Travel at off peak times. For the best times to go, see my previous post about the best time to go to Walt Disney World. These offers the best deals and often the lowest price lodging!
  • Make sure Disney is aware of all celebrations. Birthday, anniversary, wedding, engagement, graduation, first trip, anything! If you think it’s important, Disney thinks it’s important. And it’s fun to wear a button and have everyone congratulate or wish you well. You never know what kind of Pixie Dust you might receive.
  • Weekends and holidays are always higher priced than weekdays. If you are going for a short trip or splitting a stay between 2 resorts, make sure you look at cost per night.
  • Use a travel agent! Travel agents are in the know about how to get the best deal with Disney and are actively looking to help you save time and money. A good travel agent is also willing to make the phone calls to Disney to check for PIN codes and invitational offers. They are also able to apply the best discount for you even if you booked a trip at full price. An authorized Disney vacation planner is 100% free to you and you often gain additional free items plus a wealth of knowledge! For questions or information on using me as a travel agent or to get more information, please contact me!


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