Money Saving Tips – Dining

  • There’s a long list of quick service/counter service meals that are big enough to split. Know before you go and save yourself $10-$15 per person (you can also do this on the dining plan and save credits to have 3 meals per day!) Just a few…

    • Cosmic Ray’s (MK)
    • Pecos Bill’s  – huge topping bar makes for a meal in itself!(MK)
    • Tangirine Café (Epcot)
    • Sunshine Seasons (Epcot)
    • Flame Tree BBQ (AK)
  • Check prices before you go! My go to website for cost of Disney food: Their team keeps prices and menus up to date. You can have an idea of what to budget before you go. It’s a lot of work, but making a mental plan before you go. Compare that to the Disney Dining Plan and see if you’d save money using that option (it’s often close but dependent on where you want to eat). Don’t want to do all that work? Make your list and I’ll do the math for you!
  • Want the meet Disney Princesses without the sticker shock of Cinderella’s Castle? Try Akershus in Epcot! While it’s still pricy, you get quite a few princesses (minus Cindy).
  • Pack some breakfast foods and snacks in your luggage. This will allow you to get to the parks earlier in the day and save a ton of money on basic breakfast foods at your resort. Think granola bars, Pop Tarts, etc. Anything that’s individually wrapped and portable. Stash an extra granola bar or two for those long park days or late lunch ADRs.
  • Plan for 2 meals per day if possible (I know this can be hard with little ones). Two best options:
    • A big breakfast and a late lunch/early dinner.
    • A late breakfast, snack in the middle of the day, and dinner

I personally prefer the first option as this gives you more park time with somewhat shorter lines during the big lunch and dinner rushes. You also miss those busy times and there’s more available ADRs around 4-5 than 6-7! You also may be able to squeeze in a late lunch ADR which is typically less expensive than the dinner menu.

  • You can ask any counter service restaurant for a cup of water instead of a fountain drink or bottled water for FREE! Some guests don’t like the taste of Orlando water and bring individual drink flavorings (think Crystal Light) with them.
  • You can bring food and drink into the parks. Just remember, all bags are subject to search and no alcoholic beverages are allowed. Lockers are available at a (steep) cost, or if you have a stroller, toss the bag in the bottom
  • Children can share a meal off your plate (at any age) or have their own plate at a buffet restaurant (if they are under age 3).

Want more tips and tricks about Disney Dining?


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