Happy Thanksgiving: Why I have so much to be thankful for

Happy Thanksgiving, Disney friends! It also happens to be the 1 year anniversary of my blog (Thanks WordPress for the notification). I have so much to be thankful for this year. In the past year, this blog has brought me over 100 wonderful new Disney clients and those clients have been appreciative of my efforts and referred friends and family to help plan their Disney vacations. In a single year, this blog has soared to over 270,000 views which is absolutely insane and something I never thought possible.

Whether you are a guest I’ve helped plan a trip for or just a guest who has found my information helpful, THANK YOU! A million times thank you! In the beginning, my 16-20 views a day was tough to see but one day Pinterest just took off and the rest is history.

I’m thankful to Magical Vacations, LLC who have allowed this part of my life to take off. I’m so thankful that I’ve been successful enough to be a stay at home mom and just help people enjoy the magic of Disney. I’m thankful that I was able to attend the EARMarked conference for Disney travel agents and tour the Disney Magic to really get to know that ship and all it has to offer. I’m now more confident than ever to book Disney cruises! I’m also thankful for the wonderful group of ladies I work with. While we’re many miles away, we just clicked and fit in within minutes of meeting each other.

I’m thankful to my amazing sister who suggested that I blog to really get this whole crazy thing rolling. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her!

I am most thankful for my husband and my family for being supportive even during the most trying times – emailing during dinner and my alarm clock going off before 5 am quite often to book dining reservations. I’m thankful for him listening to my complaints and that I can bounce ideas off of him. I’m thankful he’s embraced Disney with me and that he can be my eyes and ears for thrill rides that I’m too big of a chicken to ride. I’m thankful that he’s willing to continue to travel to Disney destinations with me.

So THANK YOU! I am so grateful for everything that has come to me in my life to this point. I know much of it is through hard work and dedication, but it wouldn’t be without the people that have believed in me!


100,000 views – an unbelievable number!

I just want to say a huge THANK YOU to every single person that has read a page of my blog, an even bigger THANK YOU to all of the people that have reached out to me with such wonderful feedback of how their blog has helped them and the BIGGEST thank you to the over 40 families that I’ve helped send to Disney World and Disneyland in the past several months and the 50 and counting more that are planning to or thinking about going in the near future.

I am absolutely grateful for the opportunity and confidence every single person has provided me. Grateful for the opportunity to help others have a magical vacation, grateful for the ability to take my daughter to Disney for the first time sooner than expected due to my personal success, and grateful for those that refer friends and family after they have their wonderful and happy experience.

I can’t wait to see what the next 100,000 views will bring and how fast I can get there. I’m sure I’ll easily beat that first 100,000. They always say the first few years of starting a home business is the hardest but with the support of readers, family and friends, it’s been amazing, successful, and wonderful!

More to come in the future, but I’d love more suggestions for blog topics or to hear from you if you’re interested in going to any Disney destination!

Love and Pixie Dust!

Being thankful…my personal side

I’m being very reflective today. I’m so thankful that Disney and I found each other. While that sounds completely silly to many of you, it’s extremely meaningful to me. Because of the success I’ve add by adding a blog and just pinning things on Pinterest, sticking out the crummy first few weeks when I was getting 10 views a day (and continuing to create new topics and add new content even though no one was reading). Now I’ve created this somewhat thriving personal business. I set a small goal for myself and after achieving it in less than 3 months, I looked bigger and bigger. I’ve gone well beyond my expectations. We’re now at the point that we are financially even looking at me cutting down from a full time job to something park time and being able to spend 2 days home every day with my beautiful daughter; something I never thought possible without the help from Disney vacation planning.

It’s funny how the world works. When I started college I went in clueless of what I wanted to do, started with some travel agent courses and thought it wasn’t profitable to support myself. I switched to psychology which is something I love but something I knew I wouldn’t stick with (because in order to do anything with that degree I’d need a Masters and I’m not a school lover). So I switched to Business Administration, something that’s not exciting but I’m good at. I’ve taken all of those skills and rolled them into this great new job of mine. Who knows, in another year or two, I may be telling cyberspace that I’ve quit my job and doing Disney full time and enjoying every moment of having a child (or maybe by then children).

So, just wanted to say thanks. Thanks for reading my blog, thanks for all of those people that have contacted me and allowed a small glimpse into their lives to plan an amazing vacation. I’m so amazingly thankful for the people who have sent me how amazing their trips work and how thankful they are for me. It gives me a purpose and something that keeps me going on days that I just don’t want to write another blog post or days when I have a really crabby, teething 15 month old. Because in life, all we really need is a thank you and some positive reinforcement to keep us all going. I know I’ve had thankless jobs and people who are difficult to work with, but in the end, it’s all been worth the struggles to get to the point I’ve made it to today. Recently I received an email from a family that had just returned from their Disney World vacation. It’s common practice for me to check in after families get home to see how their trip went, how they liked their resort and if they would have changed anything. Typically I get a few lines back and a thank you. This email was PARAGRAPHS of thanks and wonderful feedback and a few photos of them beaming with smiles meeting some of their favorite Disney characters. I have a small file that I save all of those great things for when I’m having a bad day. It makes everything better.

The bottom line. Thank you for helping me be a success. I hope 2015 is a blockbuster year where I can exceed my own expectations yet again, boost my self confidence and add even more of you to my Disney family. This business of mine is both competitive and customer service driven, so when I do a good job, my name gets out there more. It’s something I’m passionate about and it’s free for families who are looking to travel. It’s true that I owe so much to the families that have entrusted their vacation planning to me and even more true that when I do a good job, they thank me with a referral. So thank you, thank you, thank you! I can’t say it enough times!

20,000 views makes me one thankful Disney blogger!

Today, I’m thankful! I’m thankful for Pinterest. I’m thankful for Disney. I’m thankful that I get to talk Disney and help people book their vacations, something  I absolutely love, as a part of my job. I’m thankful that this crazy blog I started in November now has 20,000 views!!! I’m thankful for the people I help even if they don’t book their vacation with me. I’m even thankful that I still get tons of emails from Pinterest every day notifying me that one of my pins is repinned (because I’m too lazy to go turn the notifications off).

I’m very thankful for Magical Vacations taking me on as one of their agents and allowing me to spread my Disney cheer and knowledge to other people. I’m most thankful for my family and friends supporting me throughout this whole process and spreads my name throughout Facebook when anyone says something about Disney. I’m especially my wonderful husband who corrals our baby when I have emails to return to questions to answer.

So thanks everyone for this crazy 5 month ride. I hope the rest of the year becomes even crazier and I’m busier than I have been in the first two months of 2014! Thank you to my current clients who have been just as excited as I am and allowing me to be a dork about their Disney vacations.

Happy Friday everyone! Tomorrow will be the return of Disney World related content, so stay tuned for more tips and tricks I can dig out of my brain. As always, please let me know if you have any suggestions for content!