Adding a day at Universal to your Disney World vacation

Your family makes it all the way to Orlando for a Disney World vacation. A quick ride away is Universal Studios and the awesome and updated Wizarding World of Harry Potter! Is it possible to fit that in a Disney World trip? OF COURSE it is! Whether it’s shortening your park time at Disney World or adding one extra night to your stay, it’s feasible to enjoy even more of what the Orlando area has to offer.

How do I get there?

If you’re flying to Orlando and don’t have a vehicle, it’s no problem! Universal has a special travel agent ticket offer which allows us to book Disney World resort guests a one or two day park-to-park ticket (similar to the Disney World Park Hopper option) with round trip transfers. It sounds good on paper, but it’s $10 each way for the one day park to park ticket. Depending on the size of your family, it may be less expensive to charter a car or take a taxi for the 25-30 minute trip up to Orlando.

Check your budget

Many guests who think about adding Universal tickets end up not going. Why? Sticker shock! A one day park to park ticket for an adult is nearly $150 and children 3-9 is not much of a deal. Now that Harry Potter has expanded to both theme parks, it’s pretty hard to choose a single park ticket.

There are not as many attractions for younger kids. Gone are the attractions that I really enjoyed as a child – replaced by big coasters and thrill rides! Check the attraction list before you make your final decision to purchase tickets!

Staying at a Universal Hotel

Just like Disney World, there are advantages to staying at Universal hotel. Most importantly entry into Wizarding World of Harry Potter an hour earlier than the general public. Some other hotels allow access to bypass the main line for many attractions (which can be a paid service for non hotel guests).

Check the fine print of what’s included before you decide on your package – not all hotels are created equal.

For those looking to extend their trip to the Orlando area – no free ground transport to and from the Orlando airport from these hotels although it’s a closer trip than Disney resorts.

Think about a travel agent!

Magical Vacations, LLC does have the ability to book Universal Vacations as well as Disney World packages. This can be neatly packaged with ground transportation into one simple reservation. No fuss, less confusion, and an exciting and fun trip!

Interested in a Disney and Universal vacation package? I’m happy to help find your perfect balance between all the best the Orlando has to offer. Work with a travel agent is free for both amazing destinations, so remove the stress and frustration of searching on your own and take advantage of the exclusive ticket offer with transportation for Universal. I can’t wait to hear from you!