Let’s talk about Disney World weather!


It’s coming up to the summer season again, which means weather is a hot topic both literally and figuratively. Around this time of year I start fielding questions about what to do if it rains during the trip, or why there is rain in the forecast every day. Rain is very seasonal in Florida, and Disney World is no exception. Most importantly, don’t let the rain dampen (pun intended) your trip!

During the summer months into fall, expect rain almost on a daily basis. Most of the time this rain isn’t in all day, soaking rain. Afternoon showers are often welcomed as the heat and humidity of the day come to a head. Often times this is welcomed, as cooler temperatures often and prevail. This is a great time of day to take an afternoon break (especially if you’re in Magic Kingdom). If you’re staying in a park during this time, find an indoor attraction or continue on with your plans. It’s always good to have a poncho packed and ready to go when there’s a threat of rain. Don’t forget about something to cover the little one strollers. We found a great stroller cover from Amazon that’s completely see-through but Shields our daughter from rain. Very kind stranger also gave her a poncho on a previous trip which she thought was awesome the first time around and a torture device the next trip!


Don’t let the rain and wearing a poncho get you down!

So what happens if it does rain during your trip? Make the most of it! Many people had for the buses and their cars, so
lines often get shorter. Many of the attractions have covered queues while you wait or if you really don’t want to get wet,  find an indoor attraction to wait out the rain. Rain is also a good time to go shopping, or have a meal. While you won’t be the only one with these ideas, it’s better to stay as dry as possible.

If rain is in the forecast, we always bring a pair of sandals with us. While tennis shoes are a must for our family while touring the theme parks, nobody likes wet socks or blistered feet the following day. If you want to keep your tennis shoes on, make sure you have an extra pair of socks available. Something I didn’t think about last time was a bag to put wet socks and clothes into. A small plastic bag (or the bag that comes in your ice bucket in your resort room) will do just fine. When you return to your resort, air everything out. We always pack a second pair of tennis shoes as a back up because let me tell you, shoes do not dry in one day. If you only have one pair of shoes, a hair dryer often works, but be prepared for some stinky shoes (and feet) the rest of the trip.

I also ALWAYS bring a hat when there is a strong threat of rain. It gets the rain out of my eyes as I walk and for whatever reason the darn hoods on the ponchos don’t stay on my head without me holding them. Well I can’t push a stroller AND hold my poncho, so a hat solves all of those problems for me! It doesn’t make for great family photos but it’s a great way to save that horrible feeling of rain drops right in the face!

NemoPonchoIf it looks like an all day kind of rain, stick with your plans! We got absolutely poured on during our last trip. Rain started around 2:30 and soaked us through almost 8 pm. Almost everything was “walk on” and none of the attractions were closed because it was just rain and not lightning in the area. We had a little swim into Ariel’s Grotto and were the ONLY people in line around 6 pm and grabbed a very last minute FastPass for Cinderella & Rapunzel (Anna & Elsa was also available as I’m guessing someone got tired of being wet). We’ve done Disney in the rain, but this was the most soaking rain I’ve ever encountered. To stay dry we watched Carousel of Progress, rode PeopleMover, checked out a few shops, had dinner, met some characters, and ended the day with fireworks RIGHT as the rain was stopping. Ahhh the magic of Disney!

On the other end of the spectrum, summer brings HEAT. This is nothing to be messed with. Please listen to your body, keep yourselves and your kids appropriately hydrated with water, Gatorade/Powerade, and other liquids that replenish your fluids. Stay away from caffeine when possible (you won’t get me up early to hit a Disney park without coffee) and stay away from carbonated beverages. Find a place to cool off during the heat of the day and plan your indoor experiences for the afternoons. The best part about those “indoor” activities is they don’t typically have long waits or they are continuously running shows so it’s a nice air-conditioned place to rest your feet, cool you and your family, and enjoy some more Disney fun!

Do you have any Disney secrets for beating the the weather?

A free gift for your Disney vacation! The amazing and exciting Minnie Box! (subject to minimum vacation package)

A free gift for your Disney vacation! The amazing and exciting Minnie Box! (subject to minimum vacation package)

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