Disney World With toddlers and babies: Do I need a car seat?


For first timers or traveling for the first time with kids, I get this question a lot: Do I need a car seat? Generally the answer is NO and here’s why…

If you are taking Disney transportation around all of the theme parks, car seats are not allowed. Not allowed on Magical Express and you’ll be asked to stow it under the bus where the luggage is. Your little ones can sit on your lap or in a seat next to you. There are seat belts available inside Magical Express buses although I don’t know that I’ve ever seen them used.

Disney theme park buses. These are more like city buses – hard plastic seats and no seat belts available. Again, you can keep your little ones on your lap or in the seat next to you. During peak travel (as parks are opening and closing), you’ll find that buses are often crowded. Most guests will get up and allow a parent with a small child to have a seat during the quick ride home. If you are concerned or unsure if the kindness of strangers will prevail, you always have the opportunity to wait for the next bus and allow others to go.

Situations where you would need a car seat – If you are renting a car to go off Disney property – beach day? Sea World? Visiting family? This is better than renting a car seat from a rental agency. From what I’ve been told they are less than ideal! Instead of renting a car, consider a car service. While it may be a bit more, there’s no chance you’ll ruin a car seat in transit on the airplane or worry about the extra piece of “luggage” to drag with you through the airport and getting your resort. The good private car locations have built in booster seats and/or car seats!

In general, just leave the car seat at home. Let Disney do the driving – sit back and relax! Let the kids stand up and look out the window and take in all of the magic of Disney World. For the very little ones, wear those babies! This may be a good reason to bring that baby carrier – if he or she is too little to sit in a regular stroller, it’s one of the few appropriate cases! Its also a nice way to cool both you and baby off because as a baby wearing mom, I know it can get warm!

Any questions moms and dads? I’d love to hear from you! I know bringing a really little one to Disney might be scary, so I’m here to calm your fears!