A room with a view at your Disney World resort!

Disney World offers so many available resorts and room options that it can be hard to choose.Something that many guests (including me) consider is a room with a view! Disney allows you to book in many different booking categories in each resort which often makes the process of dissecting all of your options even more challenging – once you’ve decided on a resort or two to look into, you now have an additional 4 or more room views to choose from.

Each resort has a “standard view’ or “standard room” which means different things at different location. At the Yacht & Beach Club as well as Wilderness Lodge, a standard view typically overlooks the parking lot or a service area. At Pop Century, your standard room can overlook the lake toward Art of Animation or the parking lot. At value resorts (and to a certain extent moderate resorts), it’s more about location than it is about view out your window since you won’t have a private balcony. And a standard room at Port Orleans French Quarter is typically of the grounds or walkways based on the general layout of the resort. Having a room with a view is most important in the deluxe resort and deluxe villa category because you have that balcony to sit out on (or escape the quiet and darkness of a child taking a nap). It’s a nice place to have coffee in the morning or to check on work (yes, work on vacation)!

So you want a room with a view, it depends on what type of view you want (and how to ask for it)! All Disney resorts accept room requests which starts with online check in and the basic options. You (or your travel agent) may call Disney reservations via phone and make verbal requests as well. Some of these requests would be along the lines of “room facing Magic Kingdom/Contemporary” at Wilderness Lodge or “room near walkway to Epcot” at Beach Club. Generally, keeping in more generalities instead of making a request for a specific room is most effective because if that room is not available, you’re leaving the room assigner with limited information of why you choose that room.

The best view in the house - Magic Kingdom from your balcony (view from Contemporary resort but similar views available at Grand Floridian & Polynesian)

The best view in the house – Magic Kingdom from your balcony (view from Contemporary resort but similar views available at Grand Floridian & Polynesian)

In the Magic Kingdom area, you can book rooms with a “theme park view” which is a direct view from your balcony of Magic Kingdom. This is a specific booking category at Contemporary & Bay Lake Tower, Polynesian Village, and Grand Floridian and obviously comes at a bit of an advanced price. Something can be said for being able to open your curtains or step out onto your balcony and see the entire fireworks show or wake up to Cinderella’s Castle. If that price tag is a bit steep for you, can book in a lower category and use the public viewing areas in any of those resorts to get the same view (but I’m happy to watch in my PJs and then draw the curtains and crash into bed!) A lesser known option (and one of my favorites) are the standard rooms at Wilderness Lodge – requesting a room that faces Contemporary/Magic Kingdom. Some of the upper rooms will allow you to see most of the fireworks at Magic Kingdom. While there’s no music piped into your room, it’s still a great way to catch the magic every day. For the best views, book a club level room because that will put you on the 7th floor and you have a club level concierge to speak with to appropriately make your room requests in a manner that they will understand and help assist. Please be aware that all room requests are not a guarantee, so if 30 people requests that same view, only 8 of them may be accommodated because of availability.

Panoramic view of Bay Lake View at Contemporary Resort

Panoramic view of Bay Lake View at Contemporary Resort

Staying in the Magic Kingdom area, you also have the option to book a lake or lagoon view depending on your resort. These rooms are often peaceful with the view of the water (At Contemporary & Bay Lake Tower it’s a view of Bay Lake) and at Grand Floridian & Polynesian Village, it’s a view of Seven Seas Lagoon (some of these rooms may offer you a glimpse of Magic Kingdom but not enough for Disney to classify it as a “theme park view”).

Part of the 'courtyard' view area at Wilderness Lodge

Part of the ‘courtyard’ view area at Wilderness Lodge

At Wilderness Lodge, your options are completely different – you can choose from woods or courtyard views which offer you views of the tree-lined area of the resort or toward the center of the resort overlooking the pool and courtyard. Some of these rooms can be quite noisy as an upgrade, but they did a really wonderful job designing the resort (as well as all of the resorts), so many guests truly enjoy the experience!

In the Epcot resort area, you typically have an option of standard view (as mentioned above), garden or woods view (which is typically landscaping/vegetation), as well as lagoon/pool view. These rooms will either overlook the resort’s pools at either Yacht & Beach Club or Boardwalk Inn/Villas (based on the resort you are staying in) or Crescent Lake which is the waterway separating these resorts. Boardwalk also offers a “Boardwalk View” which is of the bustling area with shopping, dining and nightlife. I’ve been told these rooms can get quite noisy (we haven’t booked one simply because of that fact – we prefer to “get away from it all” when we get back to our room in the evening!)

What about Animal Kingdom Lodge? There are lots of options available! You have the standard view (again, service
area or parking lot) as well as pool view and my favorites – Savanna and Arusha view. This gives you direct viewing area of the animals that live on the property. Typically the animals available are based on the area of the resort you are staying in so if your daughter loves giraffes, make sure you know where they are on property and make the best room choice and appropriate room request. This is a great resort for families with little ones or those that want a day or two off from the parks as it gives you a lot to look at outside of water or the parks if you’re not going inside that day!

Do you NEED a room with a view? Definitely not. We’ve stayed in standard view rooms and stepped out onto our balcony and had a big tree blocking it or looked down at the convention center but those were trips where convenience of resort location mattered more than being in the resort. As we become more seasoned (and let’s face it, more spoiled) with everything Disney has to offer, view and location are both important so we typically opt for the view. I have a kiddo who doesn’t like fireworks at the moment (hopefully as she gets older that will subside), so if I can see them from my balcony it’s a huge bonus to me (or if we can slowly introduce them to her at a distance without a huge boom, it’s a win!) We’re also a family that takes breaks during the day, so going back to the resort and having a nice place to rest is important as well! If you are choosing a deluxe resort, it’s worth the consideration of choosing a room with a view!!

A free gift for your Disney vacation! The amazing and exciting Minnie Box! (subject to minimum vacation package)

A free gift for your Disney vacation! The amazing and exciting Minnie Box! (subject to minimum vacation package)

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