Start Planning your Disney Cruise!

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All of the available information about Disney cruise planning can be very overwhelming. Are you stressed or feeling like you don’t have time to work through the planning process? Turn it over to a professional: An authorized Disney vacation planner! I am a Disney travel agent that has graduated from the College of Disney knowledge which means I’ve even furthered my Disney knowledge on top of being to Disney destinations many times! The best part is, the entire process is that it is free of charge. That’s right, the cost of using an authorized Disney vacation planner is FREE! The price on Disney’s website is the same that I can provide, plus you get additional knowledge, help booking port adventures, adult dining, and make sure you depart for your cruise fully prepared with a few unique insider tips!

What sets Magical Vacations, LLC apart from the rest? We are a FULL service agency. That means we help with every single piece of the puzzle. Did you know not all agencies are created the same? We’re based on customer service and will do everything for you and be here for you every step of the way. Many groups won’t help with everything (a surprise to me), so make sure you ask the proper questions along the way!

Whether you know where you want to stay or are looking for suggestions on the best ship, length of travel, or itinerary for you I’ve got great ideas for any type of Disney Cruise. A Disney cruise vacation can be more affordable than you think!

Whether you are looking for 2016, 2017, or beyond, I’d love to learn a little bit about your travel party.

Please allow up to 48 hours for us to respond to requests for quotes. To best serve you, please complete as much information as possible and provide as much details as possible to get you the most accurate quotes for your Disney package! It is very important to list actual travel dates vs. a general time frame!