Friday Five: 5 things you probably didn’t think to pack for your Disney Cruise

It’s packing time. The treachery gives me nightmares and I travel a lot because cruise packing is so different from theme park visits or long weekends to the beach! I’ve talked about all of the things we pack and how we pack for our cruises but what about things you may not have thought of and why…

  1. REAL COFFEE. You’re probably thinking “Melissa, don’t they have coffee on the ship?” Well the answer is yes, but
    unless you want to pay for your coffee at one of the cafes, it’s going to taste kind of like brown colored water with a splash of coffee. You cannot bring your own coffee maker, so if you don’t want to spend $3-$5 for a cup of coffee, Starbucks VIA is on our list of things to bring. If you have another favorite instant style coffee, it would work well, too if you have a preferred option. The great thing about these is they are easily portable and if you’re going to breakfast at your buffet location (name varies by ship), hot water is readily available as are all of the accompaniments to your coffee. It’s my pocket sized slice of heaven in the morning 🙂
  2. A highlighter. What’s that for? Marking your personal navigator with character meet and greets and activities you’d like to enjoy each day. With the addition of the Navigator app, this isn’t as necessary, but it’s still helpful to look at everything available as a whole and use your navigator app to set reminders. It was a great way for us to never miss a character meet and greet or make sure we hit show time on time!
  3. Post its. Another “what the heck do I need this for”. Post its are great to leave notes for your stateroom attendant if you don’t cross paths throughout the day. Whether you’d like more towels each day (or just one specific day) or more shampoo or bath products or even just to tell him/her thanks and have a great day. You won’t believe how hard your stateroom attendant works and how much they do to keep your room in ship shape. Ours folded my daughter’s PJs every morning (even though I made an effort to keep them out of the way of him making her bed) and stacked all of our papers/personal navigators neatly on the desk. I could have scooped him up and taken him home!
  4. An old hotel room key card (or gift card that no longer has value). If you are sailing on the Disney Fantasy orgiftcard Dream, you’ll need a key card to turn on and off your lights. Obviously, you’ll also need a card to get in and out of your room each day, pay for things, etc. Instead of running the risk of walking out the door without your key to the world card, bring an extra card of some sort to use as the card for your lights. I brought an old Disney gift card which had no remaining value on it but any card the same size and shape of a credit card or gift card will do. I don’t recommend using anything that has value to you but over the course of seven nights, it was supremely helpful to us.
  5. Clothespins. Your stateroom had a hanging line to dry bathing suits, but with 2-3 suits on each line, it gets heavy and things don’t dry because they’re squished together. Clothespins will help hang your clothes, dry them faster, and help them not look like a sloppy mess in your stateroom. (A little side note – we bring at least 2 suits per person so we never have to get into a wet suit because nothing is worse than trying to wiggle into a cold, damp suit and then walk through the air- conditioned ship to get to the pool deck).

What are the unique things you bring on your cruises? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below (and we’re always looking for new ideas!)

A free gift for your Disney vacation! The amazing and exciting Minnie Box! (subject to minimum vacation package)

A free gift for your Disney vacation! The amazing and exciting Minnie Box! (subject to minimum vacation package)

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3 thoughts on “Friday Five: 5 things you probably didn’t think to pack for your Disney Cruise

  1. I’ve heard other people say bad things about the coffee but my husband really enjoyed the regular coffee they served at dinner. I never drink coffee so I can’t give an opinion, but he thought the free coffee was great and bought only cold drinks at the cove cafe. I do like your idea about post it notes, though!

      • Ah! Maybe that is the difference then because I’ve read other reviews about the coffee being bad but maybe they are referring to the buffet coffee, too!

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