Disney parks ticket price increases in effect today

So we all knew it was coming, ticket price in crease at both Disney World and Disneyland. It’s something that happens every year so it’s typically not a big deal. Disney announced tiered price increases for one day tickets. Of course this was very much blown out of proportion with people saying “we can only go in summer, how can I afford this?” Tiered pricing for the 3 seasons Disney created – value, regular, and peak is ONLY for one day tickets. If you are purchased multi-day tickets there are no tiers (or hopefully tears) for you. That being said, the overall cost of multi-day tickets did increase and by a more sizable margin than I remember in past years. This definitely disappoints me as more and more seems to be disappearing from the parks from the much beloved Lady Tremaine in Magic Kingdom and many closures in Hollywood Studios due to the upcoming creation of Star Wars and Toy Story land.

Inflation is an inevitable fact of life. If prices stayed the same from opening day of Walt Disney World and Disneyland, there would be no opportunity for innovation or advancement and streets full of garbage and dirty bathrooms. Ok the latter park may be a bit of a stretch, but you get the gist of it. I’ve been doing a lot of reading between yesterday’s announcement and today’s official price increase and the comment that really gets me is “this isn’t what Walt would have wanted”. Price increases are all a part of the imagineering process and keeping parks up to date. Walt said that Disneyland will never be complete and it’s true so to keep true to his word, price increases do have to happen. I understand it’s frustrating and it’s taking more of your hard earned dollars. But let’s be realistic about it. For a family of 4 (even if all 4 of those people are Disney adults age 10+, it’s going to be less than $100 difference in cost. In the grand scheme of a Disney World vacation, that’s not much!

So please understand that I do get the frustration and this year’s hike in prices were a bit more significant than previous years, but I still believe in the Walt Disney Travel company, making memories, and the joy it has brought to my family. I hope it can bring joy to your family as well!

2 thoughts on “Disney parks ticket price increases in effect today

  1. I think one thing people forget is how crowded the parks already are. If the prices decreased or stayed the same for years – the parks would probably just become more crowded with longer lines for everything (rides, food, bathrooms) and less chance of even coming close to viewing a parade or show. And the possibility of reaching max capacity would increase as well if prices never increased.

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