Tips for First Time Flights to Disney


I just had a client to ask me about some first flight tips for their Spring Break trip to Disney World so I thought that I would share a few of mine with you…

First, start booking your flight and browse airline sites (Delta and Southwest are my two favorites).  Look for direct flights to save time and frustration.  Although those tend to be higher in price but I always feel that $50 more is worth my time and stress when traveling especially with children!  (And of course I will be glad to book your flights for you to help alleviate your stress, if needed.)

Next, prepare for your flight by first printing or downloading your boarding passes.  I recently put mine in my “Wallet” on my iPhone for my Disneyland trip and they just scan your pass from your phone – I LOVE technology!!  Mark your checked bags with a ribbon or colorful duck tape especially if you have a black suitcase along with everyone else – this will make yours easy to spot on the baggage claim carousel.  I always carry on my makeup and prescription medicines (if needed) and liquids in 2 oz. clear bottles.  Also, make sure you have easily removable shoes to help speed up your time through security.

Don’t forget your Magicbands-needed for your Magical Express bus ride to the resort!  And to keep the kids busy by bringing along books, coloring books/crayons, word searches, hand held games, DVD players, headphones, tablet/phone with the wonderful app Disney Movies Anywhere – my kids love it!

Airport arrival needs to be no less than an hour and a half prior to take off.  I would much rather be sitting at my gate than stressed and running though an airport with children and bags in tow – WAY too much stress!!  Have your ID and boarding passes easily accessible (that iPhone Wallet is awesome) and check those bags in.  Remember that any bag over 50lbs will cost you money so pack carefully!  Go through security and find your gate.  A restroom break is wise and I always grab a bottled water and snack for the flight before boarding the plane.

Then before you know it, you are flying to Orlando and Mickey is waiting for you!  The stewards will ask you to place all electronics in airplane mode and then will give you steps to link your electronics to the planes wifi if it is offered  – Southwest has free wifi!  I always keep gum in my pocket/easy accessible for take offs and landing to help with the ear pressure.  If you have babies then a bottle/pacifier is a great way to help them alleviate the pressure.

Once landed, get on the tram towards the Main Terminal/Baggage Claim for the Magical Express and if you used the yellow tags from your Minnie Box then all you do is go to the Magical Express bus.  They will gather your luggage and have it delivered to your resort room for you.  It is SO nice!  Have your Magicbands available for them to scan at the Magical Express counter – my kids like to put theirs on while driving to the airport before we even leave.  Now relax and let Disney pamper you!


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