2015 Year in Review!

It’s into 2016, but I wanted to take a little time to reflect on how amazing 2015 was for me! For all of 2015, I was a stay at home mom and worked from home full time with Magical Vacations and I couldn’t be happier! Early December marked the one year mark since I officially “retired” from the office life and I know it’s still the right decision!

Thanks to this amazing blog as well as some amazing clients who have become the most fantastic referral source for me, I helped send over 200 different families to Disney Destinations in 2015 alone – this includes Disney World, Disneyland, and Disney Cruise line. I’m still waiting for that perfect family who wants to enjoy Aulali and Adventures by Disney! Some of these families are on their 2nd or 3rd vacation with me! This ranges from guests that planned over 1 full year in advance of their arrival all the way down to just a one week before their arrival (I’m sure they had very different experiences, but both received the full Magical Vacations experience!)

2015 was also host to 2 Disney World adventures with my family  and some of the most memorable moments of my Disney “life” seeing my daughter absolutely light up seeing her favorite friends and run right past Goofy right to her favorite friend – Pluto! 2015 also hosted one amazing week of my life at Disney’s EarMarked conference which is Disney’s National travel agent conference which is an exclusive conference for high level agents and owners. I was very lucky to attend this conference and have some incredibly memorable moments including a sneak peek into a day in Adventures by Disney, a sing-along with Dick Van Dyke, some great speakers, and the motivation and excitement to keep going and doing my job well!

I learned a lot of things about myself as well. I learned I’m just human and I’m also a mom in addition to a vacation planner and added Dawn as a blog partner as we expand our overall knowledge level and ensuring that every single guest we work with has the appropriate level of customer service that we both expect to by choosing Magical Vacations as our Disney agency. I also learned that I’m WORTH IT! That I’m more than an order taker. People choose ME for my level of customer service and want my opinions and that I should assert myself. An amazing speaker at our conference reminded me that customer service and high level customer service is the way to grow a business.

And according to WordPress (which is the blog group I have this crazy little site of mine through), my blog was viewed 660,000 times in 2015 alone! Isn’t that absolutely crazy? I’m less than a month away to have 1 MILLION views all time! One of my Pinterest pins is also coming dangerously close to hitting 10,000 original plans (it’s well beyond that from the way that it exploded and fanned out). I also have some #1 spots on google searches so I’m more in demand that I really ever expected I could be and I really appreciate everyone that has reached out to ask about their own Disney vacations, thanked me for my content, or compared me to sites that I truly idolize!

2015 was truly a record breaking year all around! I’m hoping I can keep up with the pace in 2016 and help just as many or more amazing families make their Magical vacation dreams come true! I hope yours is one of them!

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