Today has been my favorite Disney day (quick Disneyland day 1 recap)

In my life, I’ve had MANY Disney days. Let’s not try and count them, but today I got to to do THREE new things I’ve ever done (and may never get to do again). The first was to see the premiere of one of the parades. Ok, well we didn’t have the best seats in the house since we were running from a meal, but it was great to see the first Disneyland Christmas parade. Something unique to Disneyland is the holiday parade runs throughout all of the holiday season during the day. At Disney World, you only see the holiday parade during Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas party and during the weeks of Christmas and New Years. It’s a very cute parade and all of the well known characters are represented.

The second thing I’ve never done before is been on a ride that broke down while I was on it and cast members had to walk us off the ride. Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters broke down right in the middle and it wasn’t a quick fix. Cast members had to manually open are omnimover car and we walked out of the ride with all of the lights on. Truly a unique experience and something that was incredibly cool for me. For our “trouble” (seriously? trouble? best day ever!!) we received an FastPass to return to the attraction when it reopened.

The third is the most unique of the bunch. I got to be a part of the soft opening of Hyperspace Mountain – the Seasons of the Force update to Space Mountain. It was just for a few hours and thankfully we received a useful tip to get us in the door. It was truly an amazing experience and the ride itself was awesome. Great update. It’s going to be incredibly popular. Every car that was coming back in was clapping (including the 3 of us that rode together).

More tomorrow (with photo updates)!!

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