Friday Five: Our Top 5 Disney Souvenirs

Everyone’s top 5 Disney souvenirs might be different but here is a list of our favorite take home goodies:

  1. Everyone needs a set of Mickey Ears! I have my very first pair from when I was 6 years old and my latest pair (from Magical Vacations, LLC that I proudly earned) in my office today. You can get the original Mickey ears or show your special personality with a Star Wars R2D2 to Minnie Mouse or Winnie the Pooh ears!  There are so many designs to choose from that it can get overwhelming.  The cost starts at $13.95 (for a baby set of Mickey ears) and goes up from there – most are around $20.00 so not a bad price for a souvenir plus you can even have your hat monogrammed! They can be found at Magic Kingdom at The Chapeau on Main Street, Hollywood Studios at the Five and Dime, and in Epcot at Mouse Gear.
  2. My other annual souvenir is a Disney World Christmas ornament.  In fact the kid’s teachers get them often as Christmas gifts with a gift card and they LOVE them. One of my favorite places to get these is at Ye Old Christmas Shoppe (Magic Kingdom) and the Days of Christmas Shoppe in Disney Springs. These can be personalized as well if you’d like for a small cost but worth the memory every time we decorate the tree!
  3. All kids (and maybe some adults) need to have one autograph book/pen in their “memory box”. Character meals are our favorite times and places for these and are great mementos that are personalized by each Disney character that comes to your table. There is even a place for a photo to add once you are home. My daughter loves to look at hers every once and awhile. You could even save some money and create your own autograph book before you go with all the great scrapbooking materials out their now.  Be creative!sil
  4. One of my favorites is the silhouette drawing because my mother had them of my sisters and me and I grew up always seeing them, which brought back great memories each time I passed them on the wall.  Now, I have my two and mine on a wall in our master bedroom and they are so special to me. To capture the sweet innocence of a young child is just precious!   These great keepsakes take a short amount of time (less than 5 min for my two) and are only around $12 each.  You can get them on Main Street or Liberty Square in Magic Kingdom, France in Epcot, or Disney Springs.
  5. Pin trading is another one of my kid’s favorite keepsakes from Disney and it is so popular. You can buy a small starter set or just a few pins to begin with and put them on a lanyard, and then you trade with cast members and people around the parks.  Some are worth more money and are special editions. I have a friend that went on Ebay before their last trip and bought a huge bag for a fraction of the price to take and trade.

Ok – so I was arguing with my kids and we really have more than 5 so I’m just going to add one from each….Olivia says that the ride pictures are in her top 5 but I thought that was really just Memory Maker so not a souvenir but she made a good argument. The candid photos are one of our favorite things to pose for and we have a few in frames around the house!  Lastly, Jordan (my animal lover) says you can never have enough stuff animals and he does about every Disney character in some form. They can start at about $10.00 and go on up but everyone needs at least one Mickey and Minnie!

A free gift for your Disney vacation! The amazing and exciting Minnie Box! (subject to minimum vacation package)

A free gift for your Disney vacation! The amazing and exciting Minnie Box! (subject to minimum vacation package)

These are just a few keepsakes that you can get from Disney World to help make those magical memories last for a lifetime. I hope you get to make some soon and if you’d like to get started planning your Disney World vacation? Please contact me at any time for a free quote or use the form below. The benefits to using an authorized Disney vacation planner include saving time before and during your vacation with itinerary planning which can help save you hours of standing in line each day. Plus you won’t have to watch for available discounts, research resorts, wake up early for dining reservations, or stay up late for FastPasses. The best part about using a travel planner instead of planning yourself? It’s totally FREE! Plus I’ll take away some of the stress and confusion of planning a Disney vacation (especially if it’s your first one!) If you already have your vacation planned and are interested in transferring your vacation, please feel free to use the contact form below.

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