Friday Five: 5 things you should know about bouceback offers

So your bags are packed and you’re ready to head to Disney World. Any last minute words of advice? YES! If you know you’re headed back for another Disney World vacation in the next year-ish, think about a bouceback offer! These offers are especially for guests already staying in Disney World resorts (hey, that’s not fair to us off site guests? Too bad. Stay on site – you lose a lot by staying off site already!)

1. Bounceback offers are for certain dates and vary by season. There is a FREE Dining bouceback offer for guests traveling through October 31st (post date: July 31, 2015). There are a few spring travel dates and early fall (late August – October 1 2016). This year’s stipulation is that you must have park hopper tickets. Most recently, the bouceback offer has been a room discount.

2. Bounceback offers are typically better than general public offers. Cost savings on room rates is often 35% on deluxe resorts vs. the standard 25-30% offered to the general public.

3. Bounceback offers must be booked before your departure/check out of your resort by calling an extension from your room.

4. Bounceback offers require a $200 deposit. You may change your party size, travel dates, and other pieces of the puzzle as time goes on (based on room availability). This is similar to any Disney package.

5. Bounceback offers CAN be transferred to your favorite authorized Disney travel planner, so if you have one you love (we thank you), just ask! We can steer you to the proper paperwork to get things completed and transferred so you don’t have to worry about making your own dining reservations or FastPass selections (or organizing your trip at all).

The offers can be found in the BE OUR GUESTBOOK in your room. If someone snagged one from your room and you don’t see it, ask how to get offer details!

Have a great time on your Disney World vacation and remember that a lot of advanced planning can get you a lot of money saved!!

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