Friday Five: 5 Things you that should be on your Disney World packing list

So it’s time to start thinking about packing list. Are you checking it twice? Well see if these things are on your list. While not a necessity, things I find very helpful during our many stays at Disney World:

1. A portable/mini phone charger. You’re not going to find very many outlets to plug in that smart phone, and the My Disney Experience app kills battery life. Invest in a small phone charger. We spent a few more dollars on an upgraded version which was well worth the money and will charge multiple phones in the same day (and even at the same time). It doesn’t help that I work while on vacation as well which also kills my overall battery life!

2. A backpack. Even if you’re not traveling with children, it’s nice to have some basics in a small backpack or sling bag – ponchos, water (and more water if it’s hot or humid out), an extra pair of socks or sandals in case of rain, and a few snacks (big kids get hungry too!) Find a bag with only a few pouches or zippers as you’ll need to go through security every time you enter a park. Make it easy on them and you so they don’t have too many places to look in. Make sure the bag is comfortable as well. If you’re going to wear it for most of the day, make sure the straps fit well. If you do have a lot to bring with you to the parks, maybe a strap around the waist to offset some of the weight would be helpful too!

3. Gum. I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again. Disney does not sell gum on their property. Bring it with you if it’s important!

4. Athletic shoes/sneakers. As a woman, I understand wanting to go for fashion over comfort and flip flops definitely do it in every day life for me, but not at Disney! Wear those tennis shoes and wear them proud. You won’t be limping or using up all of your band aids early in your trip or feeling uncomfortable the rest of your trip. It also saves you feet if they get stepped on or rolled over by a stroller by accident. I’m not against a nice pair of shoes for a dinner out, but for the bulk of your day, bring those comfortable sneakers! I usually bring 2 pairs in case I start to get a blister or if the first pair gets wet from rain.

5. MagicBands. This one probably goes without saying, but your MagicBands are your key to everything while in Disney parks. They are your park entry, room key, method of payment,dining plan credits, and more. Don’t forget them!! If you’re flying, make sure they are on your carry on bags to help expedite your Magical Express transfers.

And as a little bonus since I’ve been lacking in the Friday 5 department…5 things to leave at home (as they are not allowed in Disney parks):

1. Selfie Sticks (a new development and this girl is SUPER happy about it). I don’t want to get smacked in the face with one while riding Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

2. Wagons. Only strollers are allowed in Disney parks. If you try and bring in a wagon, it will be taken by guest services until you are ready to depart.

3. Glass containers. Glass of any kind is not allowed in Disney parks. You can bring in your own water bottles or refillable container. Make sure it is plastic!

4. Alcohol. If you want to bring it on your trip, it has to stay in your room. No alcohol is allowed inside the parks unless you purchase it there.

5. Bad attitudes. This one is of course a choice, but your’e in DISNEY! It’s a happy and magical place. Embrace it! Have fun and enjoy your time there!

Until next time friends…Happy FRIDAY and enjoy the weekend!!

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