Friday Five: 5 Great Disney World souvenir ideas

Five Disney World sounvenir ideas that won't break the bank

No matter who you are, I don’t think anyone can resist a vacation souvenir, especially when your vacation destination is Disney World. Today’s Friday FIVE is a selection of 5 great souvenir ideas that are both fun and functional!

1. EARS! The true measure of Disney vacation swag! While they are not super functional when you get home, my daughter loves to wear hers around the house and we take family ear pictures randomly at holidays! Whether you just hang them on a hook, it’s bound to make you smile and remember that you had a great vacation!

2. Mr. Potato Head Parts Yes. Mr. Potato Head! You can get unique Disney parts from Once Upon a Toy in Downtown Disney. For $19.95 (plus tax) you can fill a box with as many parts an accessories that you can. A little tip – we bought our standard potato from Amazon for under $15 so we can fill the box with just accessories and not the potato which takes up a ton of space. Darth Potato (as suggested by my husband) is my favorite! It’s the gift that keeps on giving since they are always adding and changing what is available.

3. Souvenir cups Whether it’s a souvenir mug at a dining location or just purchasing a refillable mug, it’s something useful! I love my Mickey coffee mug! It’s used almost every single day (unless its in the dishwasher). The resort refillable mug is a great cup for coffee in the car or a smoothie. And don’t forget about Mickey straws too!

4. Clothing Shirts, hats, aprons, oh my! I think I buy an article of clothing every time I go to Disney. Last time it was because I didn’t pack enough clothes, but that’s a minor detail! Plus Disney World attire is a conversation starter while I’m out and about. A little bit of a business builder for me!

5. A bag We bought a shoulder bag and turned it into a toddler diaper bag. A bright red bag with polka dots and Mickey heads. It’s one of my favorite purchases. Once my little out outgrows the need for a diaper bag, it will most definitely get repurposes to my lap top bag! There are also backpacks, purses, and even Dooney & Bourke bags! There’s something for everyone!

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