Five reasons staying at a Disney moderate resorts over a value resort is well worth the money!


Choosing your Disney resort is a nerve-wracking one. I have an internal struggle every time we make the decision to head to Disney World! One thing that’s not a very difficult choice for us is choosing a moderate resort over a value resort. I know it’s extra money out of pocket, but it’s absolutely worth the upgrade. WHY? There are so many reasons!

#1: BED SIZE! All value resorts have double beds while all moderate resorts have queen sized beds. For any 2 adults sleeping in the same bed for a week, you’ll be much more comfortable in a queen bed. For anyone tall, queen beds are essential as well. If you’ve got 2 older kids (bigger than 5-6 years old), it will give you more space for them to bed share or comfortable enough space on the floor.

#2 NOISE! You get what you pay for at value resort. It’s a popular destination with smaller kids as many families also start with a smaller budget. I’ve found that moderate resorts are a bit quieter. It’s easier to be off the beaten path if you want to be. If you are driving to Disney, you have many other places to park around a moderate resort.

#3 POOL! The feature (or main pool) experience at each moderate resort has an elaborate theme and a water slide. It’s one of the many upgrades by choosing a moderate resort. While moderate resorts are larger, they also have more quiet pools so if you want a relaxing and low stress pool experience, moderate resorts are a great way to have that experience.

#4 BUS TRANSPORT! Each moderate resort has multiple bus stops (exception being Port Orleans French Quarter because it’s smaller than the other resorts). Your bus stops are covered and you don’t feel like you’re standing in another line like at value resorts. Value resorts you are in the sun waiting in a queue. Less than ideal in the hot sun or on a rainy day. You also have benches to sit and relax while you wait for our bus. Getting back from your resort, your bus stop will be a bit closer than the value resorts as well, saving you valuable steps (especially at the end of the day when you just want to get “home”!

#5 THEME! Value resorts are more kid friendly in terms of theme. Moderate resorts have more of an adult theme with good kid friendly things inside the resort. If being immersed 24/7 by Disney characters and themes, values are the way to go. Moderate resorts tame down the things that scream “Disney” while still having the level of customer service and magic.

BONUS #6 DINING! Moderate resorts (exception French Quarter) have more than one dining option on site – at minimum 1 quick service and 1 table service restaurant. Coronado Springs has even more options as it’s also a convention hotel. Having a nice place to sit down to is a benefit to many guests! While French Quarter doesn’t have its own table service restaurant, it is a quick walk or boat ride away to get over to Riverside where additional dining options lie.

Over the course of a 6 night stay, you’ll expect to see a $250-$300 difference in price between a value and moderate resort. For my family, it’s well worth the extra money for us. The benefits definitely outweigh the additional cost.  As a mom and someone that works from home, I’m always about saving money, but this is one of the cases where a little bit more money is better than a bit of a lesser experience!

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