For your consideration…

Who knows how far this will reach, but please, use consideration when working with any sort of travel agent/professional service. We’re all hard workers and willing to go the extra mile to make sure you have an amazing experience. But we are humans too! Most of us have families and loved once. We all deserve time off.

I pretty much work 7 days a week, and let me tell you, it’s completely exhausting! So I take a few days off here and there and I need a weekend here or there. But in order to do that, I have to add an out of office to my email.

So thank you for your consideration. Consideration for my time and yours, for consolidating your thoughts into a more concise manner so I’m not getting 7 different emails I have to attempt to respond to, for speaking to me in a kind tone, for understanding that I’m a human being and I can make mistakes. Most of all, consider that I’m a mom and a wife and that I deserve time with my family. I deserve not to be chained to my phone or computer all day, every day. And consider that you get days off from your job. Your boss or coworkers don’t expect you to be around every moment of every day, and nor should I as this is my job.

I am so very appreciative for anyone and everyone I work with and when I get this great spark of magic for someone who is really excited about their vacation or someone who just came back and had the time of their lives, it re-energizes me. But those that say their entire vacation is horrible (which I still maintain is not possible in Disney but I’ve had a small handful of reports over the years that it is) or those that are just completely ungrateful are frustrating and exhausting. I get it. I’m a type A personality, I’m a little OCD when it comes to planning, but you sometimes have to let the magic happen and don’t go in with strong expectations. And remember, my help is free! Look at where you could be doing all of your own independent research, getting up at the crack of dawn to make dining reservations, spending an hour late at night selecting FastPasses.

And for these reasons, I’m taking the weekend off. This mama is tired to tears (and a teething toddler who is climbing out of her crib before age two doesn’t help). I’ll probably regret it on Monday when I have a flood of 100 emails to sort through, but it will be nice to be a mom, enjoy friends, and just relax for a change!

So thank you for your consideration. Thanks to everyone who has ever sent kind words to me about my blog, the work I’ve put into it. I hope you’ve found it helpful. I’ll continue to work hard and dedicate time to Disney. It’s something I love and something I’ll continue to do. There are just days that are exhausting and today is absolutely one of them!

3 thoughts on “For your consideration…

  1. I TRULY appreciate all of your help so far. I hope that my emails haven’t been the ones exhausting you, I know I am a bit scatterbrained at this point. Also, I absolutely do NOT expect email responses right away, I have been shocked every time how quickly you answer! Don’t get me wrong, it’s great, but I am 100% fine waiting a day or two for an answer! Late at night is usually when I get a chance to use the computer, so that’s when I send my emails while I am thinking of something. Definitely take time for yourself with your friends and family, that is so important! I hope you have a terrific, restful weekend!!

    • Oh gosh, Michelle! Absoluty not. I greatly appreciate your support of me and it makes me that much more excited to work with you! I think we’re on the same schedule after kids go to bed! It’s when I’m more active via email!!

  2. I cannot imagine having a toddler and doing your job. It must be exhausting. Thank your for all that you do. You have made my trip planning a breeze, and I appreciate what you do so much!

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