Disney World Dining reservations – what 180 +10 really means

So it’s the first time you’re able to making your dining reservations taking advantage of the 180 + 10. You’ve made a list of all of the dining reservations you’d like. You’re hoping for popular spots like Be Our Guest for dinner, ‘Ohana at that coveted 5 pm opening slot, Chef Mickey’s for a prime time dinner at 6 pm, and California Grill at 8:45 so you can enjoy the 10 pm fireworks. You wake up early, log into your My Disney Experience account and try and select your days, and it doesn’t work! You wait the long, agonizing hour for the phone lines to open up and ask a cast member what the heck is going on and find out that 180 + 10 does not mean 190 days, it really truly means 180 days!

So what the heck? What does that +10 really mean? It means, you can book dining on that 180th day prior to your arrival and the first 10 days of your vacation. If your trip is less than 10 days long, that means your ENTIRE vacation! The concept is confusing, I’ll admit it, but once it’s explained properly, it kind of makes sense.  Why 10 days? I have no idea, but for all the vacation packages I book for guests, 10 days is the max for many (except for some of my international travelers).

**As a refresher, the 180+ 10 applies to guests who have made a Disney World resort or package reservation. Online reservations open up at 6 am EST and via phone at 7 am EST.

Still have questions? I’d love to try and explain a little better, feel free to contact me at any time! Good luck!

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