5 Things you should know about ME!

So just something goofy for today… 5 things you should know about me 🙂

1. I belong in exclamation points anonymous. I LOVE using exclamation points and I over use them…a lot!

2. Bad grammar drives me crazy, even in text messages. I use proper grammar and punctuation all the time (except for my excessive use for exclamation points)!

3. Going to Disney as a child, we never stayed on Disney property. My parents have still never stayed at a Disney World resort (their first time will be with my family next year).

4. I would be the worst person to plan a Disney World vacation for because I can’t make up my mind on a resort, dining options or FastPasses. I know too much and want to stay at every resort (and return to some of my favorites). It drives my husband absolutely crazy. During our last trip, I changed resorts 4 times before we ended up with a split stay between Contemporary and Yacht Club. Other Disney planners are lucky that I do my own planning.

5. I really love technology. I would be lost without my iPhone and my Macbook. I also love spreadsheets and creating pretty tables and word documents. It’s totally dorky, but the more complicated the excel formula, the better!

And not on the list but something that’s true…I feel like every job I’ve ever done has lead me to the place I am today – extremely happy with Disney planning and loving my beautiful family! I’ve had jobs as a customer service manager (and hated listening to people complain every day), an executive assistant to an owner of a real estate company which helped increase my marketing and people skills, for the promotions department of The Pampered Chef which taught me more than I will ever realize, and in a pediatric clinic which teaches patience, how kids think, and sometimes what NOT to do with your kids. I’m happy to be where I am today and so excited to see what the future holds!

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