My Disney Bucket List

I’ll admit it, many things on my overall bucket list are tied to Disney destinations. While I’ve done some of these, here’s the top 10 Disney things that I want to do (and will do at some point in my lifetime);

  1. Stay at every single Disney World resort
  2. Enjoy 24 hours of Disney (once in Disney World and once in Disneyland)
  3. Try a meal at Victoria & Albert’s
  4. Eat on the Deluxe Dining Plan and focus on food instead of attractions
  5. Go to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party & Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party (in the same year!)
  6. Eat at every table service restaurant in Disney World (I don’t know that anyone has done this!)
  7. Check off every single attraction at both Disney World and Disneyland (which will never happen because I won’t ever go on Rock ‘n Roller Coaster – by proxy via my husband??)
  8. Buy another guest dinner while dining in one of Disney’s restaurants
  9. Visit all 4 theme parks in the same day
  10. Book a 14 night stay and enjoy every single moment!

What’s on your Disney bucket list? Anything similar? I’d love to hear!

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