Disney World PIN Codes: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions


Having never actually received a Disney PIN code in my life, I always thought they were a myth, however I know this is false now that two of my very lucky clients have received codes in the last few weeks. They are real folks and they can save you lots of money or truly enhance your vacation! The most recent codes I’ve seen are for a free park hopper upgrade plus a room discount. For a family of 4, park hoppers can run well over $200 and coupled with a room discount, it can make for a really fun and exciting vacation!

What is a Disney PIN code?

Disney PIN codes are special discount codes that are sent at via mail or email that are specific to your name and address. These are said to be random and discounts can vary from a very small percentage off discount to as big as free dining.

How do I get a PIN code?

Pin offers are said to be completely randomly generated.  In order to receive a code you have to be “registered” with the Disney system. Some suggestions are to request a DVD, order customized maps, sign up for a Disney.com or MyDisneyExperience.com account and update your contact information, or play around with quotes or costs on DisneyWorld.com. While none of these are guarantees, if you’re thinking about a trip, it’s worth a shot! Be sure to check your junk mail just in case it gets filtered to your spam folder.

I think I got a PIN code!

First check to see if it’s a 3 letter/number combination code or if it’s longer. The 3 character long codes are promotional offers that often provide either a small or no discount from current pricing. A PIN code is longer (often 12-14 characters) long and is specific to your name and address.

Ok, now I know it’s a pin, now what?Disney-World-First-Visit-Button

If you have a trip booked, you can call and have the discount applied to your current trip. You may need to upgrade your current room view to take part in the promotion. In select situations, you may need to switch resorts to be included in the discounts as each different exclusions based on the available offer. Unfortunately you are not able to apply the discount online after you have a trip booked. If you booked through a travel agent, he or she would call on your behalf (another benefit to working with a travel agent instead of calling yourself!)

If you don’t have a trip booked, you can use the website provided with the PIN to look at cost comparisons or call Disney and work with one of their cast members. Similarly, you could send it over to your travel agent and they can do all the hard work for you! Easy as that.

Can I combine a PIN discount with a Disney World Special Offer?

Unfortunately, no. You have to choose the discount that most benefits your family. In the case of free dining, this may not be as simple as looking at dollar value as the value of free dining for a family of 4 over a week’s vacation can be well over $1000. If you have questions, contact a cast member, or even easier, contact a Disney travel agent.

The PIN is in my name but my husband/wife is the lead traveler on our reservation, is that a problem?

Nope! As long as the person who has the code is a member of the traveling party, you are able to apply the code to your reservation. In fact, you can book multiple rooms under the same PIN code (typically up to 3 rooms)! But for that, you’ll have to call a cast member for help.

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