MagicBands 101: From customization to delivery, what you need to know

As part of MyMagic+ and staying on property at a Walt Disney World resort, each member of your party will receive a MagicBand. Regardless of age, each member will be able to customize their very own (even babies and under 3 year olds who don’t require tickets!) This small wristband feels like a rubber/plastic composite and an RFID chip inside. These little guys are adjustable (similar to how a baseball cap is adjustable in the back with little plastic snaps) and have the ability to make a really small version for tiny wrists. Disney truly does thing of everything.

Snaps on the back of the MagicBand to fit to any wrist size!

Snaps on the back of the MagicBand to fit to any wrist size!

So your trip is booked and it’s time to customize your MagicBands, now what? Once logged into you’re My Disney Experience (MDE) account and your reservation linked, you will have access to your MagicBands. Use the drop down on the right and choose MagicBands and Cards.

You will have a list of all of your attendees and get to choose a color and a name or nickname for each person. Color choices include: red, yellow, green, blue, gray, orange or pink. You may also enter a name or nickname which is a maximum of 9 characters including letters, numbers or spacing. Your choice is case sensitive. Feel free to be creative! Your welcome throughout your trip will be by whatever name you choose on your MagicBand. Want your daughter to be referred to as princess? Well that’s 8 letters, so it works. Family of 4 want to be Minnie, Mickey, Donald and Daisy? You got it! There’s no limit to your levels of creativity here! Names will also be imprinted on the inside of each band. Once you are done with your customization you need to confirm your address and mark them as DONE. This important step will save all of your changes and keep you from getting all gray bands! You are also welcome to choose the same color as another member of your family!

You’ll get a countdown of how many days you have left to customize your bands, but typically they ship 30 days prior to your arrival via USPS mail.  Delivery comes in a plain brown box, so if you’re keeping a secret from your kids (and bravo to you!) just follow the package delivery to make sure you get the mail that day. The return address does say it’s from Disney, so it’s not completely anonymous!

Inside packaging of our MagicBand delivery!

Inside packaging of our MagicBand delivery!

My husband and I are doing a split stay as part of our trip next month, so I got 2 sets of MagicBands. I chose two different colors just because I could. Our first set is orange for him (a University of Illinois grad, this is always his #1 color choice) and since there’s no purple, I chose red.

Opening your MagicBand package

Plain packaging for delivery of our MagicBands

Plain packaging for delivery of our MagicBands

While I’m an adult, Disney always makes me a kid at heart, so watching and (im)patiently waiting for their arrival. I called Steve (my husband) on my way home and told him that he wasn’t allowed to open the box without me.

Taking it out of the packaging is incredible (haha, get it?) The inside packaging is also really well done and exciting as well! Each MagicBand is labeled by the name or nickname you chose during customization. While we only have two, it looks like that specific packaging could fit up to 4 in each box. I’d be curious to hear what type of packaging a family of 5 or 6 received!

Incredible packing of our MagicBands!

Incredible packing of our MagicBands!

I took my band out to try it on for size. Trying to make the snaps work with one hand was somewhat difficult, especially for this mama who does things with one hand all the time (a baby typically in the other). Once I finagled it on my wrist, the fit felt pretty perfect! I’m used to wearing a watch, so it didn’t feel much different. After I wore it around the house for awhile, made dinner, hung out with the baby, who seemed very interested in the band on my wrist as well as the box.

I decided to pick up the inside packaging and there was a little pamphlet discussing all the capabilities while on Disney property and a warning for those with pacemakers.

After your vacation, they are yours to keep. They will remain linked to your My Disney Experience account unless you deactivate them. They will remain available for use for the next 2-3 year, however unless you are an annual passholder, you will receive a new set each time you make a new vacation reservation! If you don’t want to keep them, Disney will recycle them for you. Ask a Cast Member at your resort for more details.

So what does my MagicBand do and why do I need one?

MagicBands are your new Key to the World and they do a whole lot more than the old system. You can:

  • Open your resort hotel room door
  • Enter the parks each day (if you have linked park tickets to your account)
  • Access your FastPass+ selections (for guests that have linked park tickets to their account and made FastPass+ selections prior to arrival)
  • Make purchases around Disney property. By setting up a 4 digit pin prior to your arrival or at check in, you don’t even need a wallet in Disney! Most locations accept this as a method of payment, or if you’re on the Disney Dining Plan, all of your credits will be stored. You’re just a wave away from payment! Parents, don’t worry, you have to enable charging privileges for your children.
Even babies love MagicBands!!!

Even babies love MagicBands!!!

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