More Disney World Dining Tips and Tricks


Well from what my blog is telling me, Disney World Tips and Tricks seems to be the most important things to viewers on Pinterest and reader suggestions. Adding to the previous dining tips & tricks, here is a continuing list of dining suggestions. Whether you are taking advantage of the Disney Dining Plan or not, these should be useful on your next trip!

  1. Seasoned veterans know that it’s most ideal to book dining 180 day in advance. Most first timers don’t book their trip that far in advance. It’s good to know some alternatives to the most popular meals. There are some great dining options at the resorts surrounding the parks. Don’t be afraid to venture outside your home resort!
  2. When on the Dining Plan, don’t be afraid to tell your server that you’re new to the dining plan and would like some guidance. They are there to help and not mislead you in any way!
  3. Water is free at any Disney quick service restaurant. This is especially popular in the summer months. No need to order anything. A cast member can give you a plastic cup with ice water for no charge.
  4. Book a late morning reservation for breakfast and save money on meals – this is more pertinent to those not on the dining plan.(bring a snack so you’re not starving).
  5. Along the same lines, snacks can be meals! If you plan correctly, a well timed cupcake can suffice as breakfast (hey, it’s vacation!)
  6. Only pay for the food you want. This was lightly touched on in a previous post, but I figured I would expand: Only want a hamburger, ask for no cheese. Don’t want fries or chips? Ask for just the burger or sandwich. it will cost a lot less as well!
  7. Plan for food cost, even if you aren’t planning table service meals! Check out for accurate food costs for both quick service and table service restaurants.
  8. If characters are a must in your trip, find out where you can see them in the parks. If dining with a character is not important, then set up a FastPass when possible!
  9. Adults, don’t be afraid to order off the kids quick service menu (if not on the Disney Dining Plan).
  10. Learn about the Disney World Must Eat Snacks and decide which ones you would like to try. My short list:
  • Dole Whip Floats (Aloha Isle – Magic Kingdom)
  • Zebra Domes (Animal Kingdom & Animal Kingdom Lodge)
  • Specialty Cupcakes (various locations)
  • School Bread (Norway Pavilion – Epcot)

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